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The idea of Pick & Wicks was born during the 2020 Covid-19 lockdown. Confined inside, without their usual busy schedules to occupy them, two friends found solace in candle making. What started as a fun idea to repurpose some pretty glass jars in the home, quickly became an obsession and the spark for a new (ad)venture… 

Simple to create, with no prior experience needed, each Pick & Wicks Candle Making Kit comes with everything you need to make your very own candle. You pick the pot and the natural fragrance, we wrap it up in an eco-friendly box and pop it in the post.


Harnessing the best of nature, for your home


We can wax lyrical about our love for soy wax. Compared to traditional waxes like paraffin (which is a by-product of petroleum oil), soy wax is a renewable source which offers a longer, cleaner burn for candles.


In an effort to reduce the toxins in our homes, we've chosen not to use synthetic or artificial fragrances. Instead you can choose from a selection of aromatic essential oil blends made from pure plant extracts.


Aside from being totally non-toxic, we’ve also taken every care to ensure sustainability is at the forefront of all Pick & Wicks products – from our wood wick holders to the recyclable gift box packaging.


Waste not, want not. The perfect gift – whether for a loved one or yourself, once your candle has burned its final flame you can repurpose the high-quality pot. Use it as a plant pot, key holder, pen holder or log back onto pickandwicks.com and purchase the refill kit. Voilà! Another candle is born.


“Studies have shown that focused creativity releases feel-good neurotransmitters into our brains”

Escape the everyday and experience the wellbeing boost of making something beautiful by hand, to enjoy in your home. The best part? No prior experience is required, you'll be in safe hands with our step-by-step guide. 

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